Our govering principles

All our work is developed under a framework of reference for the development of all our activities and aims to establish its fundamental commitments in the following areas:

  • Ethical and responsible management. PLN´s business activity is based on the best practices of good governance, ethics and transparency.
  • Culture of effort and excellence. Our work is oriented towards excellence in the fulfilment of our commitments and expectations, both for clients and collaborators. Always based on a culture of personal and collective effort to achieve our objectives and goals.
  • Product safety commitment. We understand as a priority and strategic all aspects related to the processes, quality, legality and safety of the product, with the commitment to maintain and update the standards at the highest level.
  • Sustainability. We are oriented to create and maintain long-term relationships between our collaborators, clients and suppliers, creating value along time.
  • Environmental responsibility. Our activities are oriented to optimize the consumption of resources and minimizing the environmental impact.