PLN, leaders in retail innovation

We are a company specialized in Private Label in the retail sector, with a integral management of the supply chain, including the provision of services for the products development, quality and packaging.

More than 25 years leading the development of Private Label. Many National and European retailers and producers trust us, for the development of different product categories.

All our processes are supported by IFS Broker certification guidelines, with a clear commitment to quality, a methodical way of working and a highly qualified professional team. For all this, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of innovation and development of new concepts in the food sector.

Our core competencies

  • LONG TERM: we seek long-term collaboration with both clients and suppliers. We work and promote long-term, with the aim of having an efficient and transparent collaboration.
  • INNOVATION: is in our DNA. The innovation within our company is considered a process of continuous improvement. These processes allow us to adapt quickly and properly to a changing market, which requires an immediate response.
  • SYNERGIES: we seek in all areas of the company, both internally and externally, for the optimization of resources in order to obtain greater performance and effectiveness.
  • FLEXIBILITY: we have a great capacity to adapt to any environment, by responding effectively in a changing and competitive environment. This allows us to quickly reconfigure our company´s resources to respond to any new market demands and improve our competitive position.
  • QUALITY: fundamental principle. We guarantee that all our processes are supported in accordance with the highest quality standards.